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LA BELLA Vapor Shield Nickle Wound 30 -118

Probably the only handmade Strings still made to this day using Traditional hand wound string winding techniques, Made only from Nickel for an all-around tone that responses to all sorts of touches. These strings are the best for that smooth, less fret noise sound, very light tension, even on the 045 gauges.

Availabe in 040-100 or 045-105 gauges (4 Strings), 040-128 or 045-128 gauges (5 strings), and 6 string sets with 028 High C Strings. 045 strings are ‘Standard’ tension strings with a more ‘Fat’ bottom, while a 040 strings are lighter and facilitates a faster playing.

The LaBella Vapor Shield is a coated strings, like the famous Elixir Strings, which means it has a much longer life, because the strings are protected by a special ‘film’. BUT the main difference between these and other coated strings is that the Coating process was done when the strings are not wounded yet, so the Nickel itself is already coated and rust free before it becomes a String, the result is a longer life, with a non-sticky feel on the fingers like most coated strings.

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Out of stock

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