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NOLL TCM 4XM – 4eq Onboard Bass Pre Amp


The NOLL TCM 4 XM is a compact equalizer that provides easy and space-saving installation. The secure insulation of the sealed equalizer perfectly protects other electrical components. Bass, low-midrange, high-midrange and treble controls are center-detented and allow 15dB of boost and cut with a gentle slope of 6dB per octave which results in a natural and true sound.
The equalizer is 9-Volt battery powered, adding an additional 9-Volt battery (18V) will ensure more headroom and longer battery life.
The NOLL TCM 4 XM onboard preamp can be combined with both active and passive pickups.
All units are prewired with high flexible cables, delivery contents all pots, jack and battery clip; however, knobs are not included.
Potentiometers have 6 mm solid shafts, while the stacked pot has 4 mm (upper) and 6 mm (lower) solid shafts.
Our MixPot also allows you to combine high impedance Piezo with magnetic pickups. Further custom configurations are available.

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