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  • SKB Stage 5 – Profesional Pedal Management

    Used SKB Stage 5 in Very – Very Good Condition Like New.


    The SKB Stagefive Pedalboard is a management system for your guitar effects pedals that offers you filtered, regulated power and short-circuit protection. You also get the ability to handle either 115 or 230 VAC.

    (2) 1.3 amp VAC jacks for powering pedals from Digitech and Line 6, etc

    (2) variable DC jacks to allow any voltage from 4-12 volts, simulate and “almost” dead battery

    (4) standard 9 VDC jacks for Boss, Electro-Harmonix, etc

    (1) 18 VDC jack for MXR EVH Flanger, etc

    (2) 24 VDC jack for boutique and vintage pedals

    (2) 9/12 VDC jacks to accommodate additional boutique and vintage pedals.

    All DC jacks have polarity switches so center negative or center positive is not a problem with the SKB-PS-55 Stagefive Professional Pedalboard. The power is filtered, regulated and short circuit protected with a detachable main power cord with a 115/230 VAC power supply so you can travel internationally with no problems. And the Stagefive Professional Pedalboard is covered by the SKB Million Mile Guaranty on the case and five year warranty on the electronics.

    Rp 4,500,000

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  • Super La Bella Bender 09-42 Electric Guitar Strings

    La Bella is proud to re-introduce one of the best-selling electric guitar sets of all-time, “The Bender” strings. Given today’s trend in capturing vintage tone, La Bella recognizes the need for a guitar string that epitomizes vintage by bringing back the same string played throughout the most influential decades of Rock ‘n’ Roll music

    La Bella manufactured “The Bender” strings under the La Bella brand, other string manufacturers and the biggest guitar builders worldwide in the 1960s and 1970s, making it the most played string on the market. “The Bender” was featured in Guitar World Magazine’s 20thAnniversary Issue, “The 20 Who Mattered,” featuring players and companies that shaped Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    La Bella has reached deep into their archives to bring back the same string construction used during that very era. As pioneers in nickel-plated steel electric guitar strings, La Bella has resurrected the exact formulation of nickel used in the original “Bender” guitar string. The result is the most authentic vintage electric guitar string on the market.

    “La Bella has a rich history in the commercialization of many different types of guitar strings,” says Richard Cocco, Jr., President of E. & O. Mari, Inc. / La Bella. “Researching my grandfather’s construction manuals from the 1960s with my children and figuring out how we could bring back to life such a relevant product was definitely the highlight of the entire process. We’re very excited to invite guitar players to come discover ‘The Original Vintage’ with The Bender strings.”

    “The Bender” strings are available in nine different gauges including B828 Ultra Bender, B942 Super Bender, B946 Lite Bender, B1046 Bender, B1150 Blues Bender, BJ1252 Jazz Bender, B1152 Medium Bender, B1252 Heavy Bender, B1052 Lite Top/Heavy Bottom Bender. All La Bella Strings are made in the USA with American Wire.

    Rp 125,000 Rp 90,000

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    The ABIGAR MK-2 is an extremely versatile bass guitar DRIVE from the latest Taurus effects line.
    The most significant feature of the ABIGAR, imperative for the sound of instruments, is it’s dynamic “Drive” which still keeps even the most distorted sound of bass guitar in full range of attack and pulsation.
    Using the ABIGAR Mk-2 the warm sound of tube amplifier as well as extreme MODERN- DRIVE are very easily obtainable.

    LEVEL – overall effect volume
    CHARACTER – balance and mix between VINTAGE and MODERN sound
    GAIN – amount of overdrive
    BASS – low frequencies level control
    TREBLE – high frequencies level control
    POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE 9-12V: any power supply with power rating between 9 and 12V can be used.
    POLARITY AUTO DETECTION: allows using either centre-positive or negative polarity on power supply
    DC ASSISTANT: protection against signal loss. If disconnected or the voltage is lower then 6V the effect is automatically switched to the “bypass” mode.
    DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm
    WEIGHT: 0,5kg

    Rp 2,150,000

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  • TAURUS T-Di Mk2

    Taurus T-Di Mk2 is a preamp in a foot pedal. It is a great alternative solution to an amplifier providing solid and powerful bass sound. It can also be used as a booster for your amplifier. You can connect it directly to a mixing console on stage or in a recording studio as well as to “Hi-Fi” equipment. You can use it as a typical Di-box or simply plug it into your arsenal of pedal effects.
    MLO System provides unique and extremely comfortable creation of the sound. It is designed in very intuitional and user-friendly way leaving the user with only two knobs: bass and treble. The proprietary MLO System installed in all Taurus Bass amps ensures an optimal mid frequencies proportion, depending of both bass and treble knobs positions. It offers groundbreaking possibilities, intuitionally supporting musician’s choice and changes of the sound. In addition the MLO system ensures the same level of the output volume despite of how far the low frequency control knob is positioned. Unlike with standard solutions, the musician will immediately appreciate the change of the instrument’s tone while the volume remains unchanged.

    LEVEL volume level knob
    CHRACTER “Mix knob” between “Vintage” & “Modern”sound
    GAIN input gain preamp adjustment
    BASS low frequency level control with MLO system
    Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency
    Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency[DBS-cut/OFF/DBS-boost]
    Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequencyCUT/OFF/BOOST
    TREBLE high frequency level control with MLO system
    Triple TREBLE-switch to reduce or boost high frequency
    PUNCH midrange effectiveness switch
    FOOTSWITCH MODE true bypass/mute footswitch mode selector
    BASS: 40Hz +/-8dB @450Hz -/+4dB
    BASS Boost/Cut: 60Hz +/-6dB
    TREBLE: 4,5kHz +15dB / 6kHz -15dB
    TREBLE Boost/Cut: 7kHz +/-6dB
    PUNCH: 300Hz +7dB

    POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE 9-12V: any power supply with power rating between 9 and 12V can be used
    DC ASSISTANT – protects from loss of signal. Effect switches automatically to the “bypass mode” in case of disconnection or low voltage of DC supply.
    Subsonic filter: built-in filter which cuts-off very low frequencies which have an adverse impact on the proper work of the speakers. Thanks to the filter, the unwanted frequencies and the accompanied components of the DC voltage are eliminated from the sound. Both components interfere with proper speaker operation by entering uncontrolled membrane fluttering when the low frequencies are applied.
    Dimensions: (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm
    Weight: 0,5kg

    Rp 2,550,000

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    We have Telecaster Vintage Set Pickups!! Our TE-Vintage Neck and Bridge brings the traditional tele-sound with its present and crisp highs and always transparent response. Typical Tele!!

    Rp 2,800,000 Rp 2,240,000

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  • UNI-PRE 5 Knob (U-Retro 5 Knob Deluxe) John East Bass Pre Amp

    The UNI-PRE 5 KNOB is a new generation bass preamp system from East UK. It’s a brand new design that sets new standards with unique features, designed to fit virtually any bass which has 5 knobs with rear cavity electronics. The modular construction makes for easy installation, with simple plug connections between modules. External wiring, such as pickups and power, are simply connected using screw terminals.

    Rp 4,000,000

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  • VIV-H La Bella Vivace Fluorocarbon Classical Guitar Strings – Hard

    Introducing La Bella Vivace™ Classical Guitar Strings, the first carbon strings worthy of the La Bella name. The first fluorocarbon treble formulation of the 21st Century, offers the brightness of carbon trebles, with an unprecedented beauty of sound. La Bella Vivace™ trebles add an entirely new warmth and tonal range to first generation carbon. This special formulation provides not only penetrating brilliance and projection, but also an entirely new sensitivity to touch and ease of playing. Dynamically tensioned La Bella Vivace™ basses are wound to such fine tolerances that individual basses are tuned to perfectly balance the unprecedented brilliance and warmth of La Bella Vivace™ trebles. Don't leave your playing in the 1900s, play La Bella Vivace™ 21st Century carbon! Fluorocarbon trebles for brightest tone of all La Bella trebles Silver-Plated wound basses produce exceptional memory for pitch and consistent sound production Hard Tension String Gauges: Fluorocarbon Trebles: .025 .028 .034; Silver-Plated Wound Basses: .0285 .0335 .0435 Made in the USA with American Wire Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

    Rp 300,000 Rp 220,000

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